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It is the near future. A energy company (Safe Energy) has created the world's first Nuclear Fusion reactor. However it has been deemed too dangerous to be near any significant human population. Safe Energy has brought 5 islands, 300 miles north east of the Galapagos, they then spent two years building nuclear reactors, mines, ports, residential complexes, operations bases, perimeter fences, huge power storage complexes and warehouses.

Two years and billions of pounds were spent on these islands. Two months of extensive testing were painstakingly carried out on each reactor. (Across the Islands there are, were four reactor complexes). Reactor number four was the last one to go online and into operations. At the end of its two month testing period it was due to enter operations at 5:21 AM, on Saturday 26th April 2036, 50 years since the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. However, the reactor failed to turn on. Three minutes later the plasma containment broke. Radioactive plasma leaked into the reactor rooms and collected on the roof. One of the cores in the reactor chambers overloaded and blew. Decimating a square mile around the reactor and exposing everyone on the island (including the animals) to radioactive poisoning, leading to dramatic mutations, complete loss of memory and complete change of character/personality, and releasing the plasma into the local atmosphere. This plasma led to dramatic and erratic weather patterns around the islands, with weather changing from jungle climates to blizzards in a matter of minutes. This island was called Isla pente (or Island 5).

Everybody on Isla pente is either dead or unaccounted for (feared dramatically mutated if still alive). All other islands were evacuated at the earliest possible chance.

You play as a character who worked at operations base 12b on Isla enas (or Island 1). Island 1 was the last island to be evacuated and your station was the last on the island to be evacuated. You were on the last helicopter off the islands.

Although, about those weather patterns, a freak lightning storm appeared, your helicopter is hit by a lightning bolt, it overloaded the circuits and breaks the fuel lines, the helicopter rapidly descends and you are knocked out on the way down.

While you were blacked out, you fell out of the helicopter before it crashed and you somehow miraculously landed on the canopy of one of the jungle trees. You had a broken ankle and had been out for two hours. You couldn't remember anything after the lightning bolt. Your first thought was to go the helicopter and see if you were the lone survivor, Thats your first task. But as it turns out you were alone.

Project N is a open world survial game like no other. The finished game will have a huge map featuring 5 massive islands, with each house designed individualy. There will be over 50 types of plant and tree, all placed according to their real world characteristics. There will be over 100 types of weapons, all fully customisable and upgradable and over 100 land, sea and air vehicles again fully customisable and upgradable. We are attempting to produce the most realistic survival game ever and you can currently get the aplha version for free by emailing us at projectn@madpixelgames.net

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